Decking up your bureau with some essential sales & marketing tools can help you thrive your organization with a kick-off in the upcoming year 2021.

Make your dream come true, with an ample amount of audience, leads, and prospects to win the best sales campaign of the year.

With the digital world evolving, you should stack your tech department to customize the sales operations and make the most of it in less amount of time at an affordable budget.

Navigating through this pandemic situation that’s affected the economic growth, revenue, and business globally, you would need more essential sales tools to steer clear in reaching high revenue targets.

How do sales tools help you ace your game?

Sales tools are basically the bots helping sales marketers and startup entrepreneurs to save time and achieve their targets in no time. Sales tools are much more than CRM platforms; there are many more operations to help a sales professional.

  • A sales tool to find contacts and credentials
  • A sales tool for cloud phone system
  • A sales tool that aids in building a potential email list with leads
  • A sales tool that handles the analytics and success reports
  • An automation sales tool that integrates market intelligence and engages with clients
  • An all-in-one platform to handle marketing and that has built-in features to schedule events, boost engagement, and increase conversion rates.

When we are all about sales automation tools, one should be also vigilant on which application you are betting. Invest in the tool that aids in increasing your customer base, generates more revenue, engages, and manages daily tasks assigned to sales marketers and professionals.

Six Frameworks in Sales Marketing

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms
  • Platforms that offer Automation & Integration
  • Applications that aid in collecting prospects and handling leads
  • Software analyzing performance metrics and custom-built sales-force reports
  • A consolidated framework to integrate Sales and Market Intelligence
  • Constant heads-up in Content sharing and Email Management.

To keep the pipeline flowing, you can easily improve your sales department’s performance with the advanced sales tools that help you change your game.

First, you would need a perfect prospect list to poach potential leads for your business. Pick tools that improve your sales process with simple frameworks that help you improve your productivity.

Listing out a few tools that are accountable to deliver targets…

#1 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pricing: The paid version starts from $64.99 a month; A free-trial with promising packages suitable for various requisites is available under Professional, Team, and Enterprise Variants.

LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks filled with potential leads and a massive consulate that encompasses prospects, companies, insights, and business alliances that helps in sales prospecting.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets you tap into their network and allows you to engage with key decision-makers and new potential leads. Allowing sales professionals to prospect, the tool has in-built features like advanced search filters, detailed credential information on prospects, track and save the search results, and lets you find new referrals with its InMail credit.

Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

  • Premium features and Sales resources
  • Automated Lead Generation & Sales Insights
  • Integrates popular CRM platforms
  • Target Audience
  • Advanced Lead and company search
  • InMails to engage with prospects
  • Custom lists with the ability to save more than 1500 leads.

#2 AeroLeads

Pricing: A lifetime free plan with limitations; A baseline package starting at $49 with added benefits at Climb and Cruise package. Added to it, a tailor-made package is made as per-requisite.

AeroLeads is a handy prospecting software that leads you to procure potential credentials, email IDs, contact details, business details, and the title of the prospects.

Versatile software with in-app features to generate targeted, high-quality, and up-to-date business data and emails that can be extracted from LinkedIn search results.

Offering a free Chrome extension to list out leads data directly from LinkedIn, AeroLeads lets you import, export, and manage leads data into various CRM platforms.

Benefits of AeroLeads :

  • Lets you find Business Emails and verifies its authenticity
  • Find Business Leads Emails from LinkedIn
  • Extract LinkedIn Search Results to a consolidated .CSV file.

Next-off, you would need a versatile Content Management Software (CMS) tool to manage website content and publish new articles, edit facts and constantly update the content in your landing page with ranking keywords that allow you to collaborate and engage with clients.

If you’re not into coding platforms like HTML or CSS, you can update content with WYSIWYG editors. Allowing you to enter, alter text and upload images, CMS makes it a piece of cake for non-technical sales professionals.

Aiding in Content Management, here is an alluring platform to handle content,

#3 WordPress

Pricing: Offering a free version, WordPress pricing starts at $ 2.73 per month including more add-ons to work with.

WordPress has marked its position as one of the top 20 contenders in Content Management Software giving a free platform to exercise content management in landing pages and creating factual blogs.

With multiple templates, plug-ins, and add-ons to bring your website up and running, WordPress helps you increase traffic with SEO techniques. Adding more to blogging, WordPress is also great for building a social network, online business platforms, and flexible functionalities to customize your website and improve the user experience.

Though WordPress is a free platform to manage content and websites, an initial payment for website hosting and template should be paid.

Benefits of WordPress :

  • Content & Website management
  • Editing platforms for text and images
  • Customizable templates
  • Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Management
  • Open Source & responsive
  • Supports multiple platforms including e-commerce sites.

Moving on, managing, and scheduling the events to build your brand needs a consolidated planner. Engaging with clients from time to time can improve sales rate prominently at 75% hitting the profit margin above 40% - 50% on average.

Kick start your conversion rates by scheduling meetings and start engaging with your leads in no time with a comprehensive scheduling tool. With user-friendly features, the scheduling tool encompasses the entire scheduling process in a loop.

One of the best ways to schedule your meetings and keep up with all your schedules all under one roof…

#4 Harmonizely

Pricing: With a free package to exercise, Harmonizely has a Pro package starting at $12 per month and an Enterprise package that’s tailor-made for business and bulk requisite.

Allowing you to schedule meetings and boost engagement, Harmonizely lets you integrate all your calendar’s events under a single hub. With persuasive functionality, Harmonizely allows you to conduct an all-in meeting scheduler anywhere, anytime, and manage all meetings without any confusion and rescheduling.

Harmonizely is a comprehensive scheduling tool that supports a wide range of calendars including Zimbra, Zoho, Fastmail and Nextcloud, Daylite, and more. If you’re looking for an inclusive meeting scheduler, this is the right pick.

Benefits of Harmonizely :

  • Calendar Integration
  • Schedule One-on-one meetings
  • Customizable for all smartphones
  • Controls the invitees meeting schedules and prompts email notifications
  • Zapier Integration that lets you sync with Google Sheets, MailChimp, Gmail, and much more platforms
  • Customizable domain with Zoom integration.

Once all have been scheduled and listed out, marketing your brand is a pre-eminent way to enhance your sales revenue.

With the current pandemic situation and Work from Home condition that keeps us indoors, checking their team shared inbox now and then is the new normal in finishing the daily chores.

Broadcasting about your business and efficiently getting more leads is through Email Marketing.

Here’s an email marketing tool that produces the best ROI for businesses,

#5 Moosend

With a beguiling call-to-action and regular reminders on new launches and artifacts, emails are the best way to entice new prospects. When the user is clicking the landing page link and end up on your landing page, there’s a possible opportunity that there’ll be potential purchases from your website.

Benefits of Moosend :

  • Attractive and customizable email templates
  • Helps you automate the most cumbersome processes
  • Simple editor to create and alter within multiple newsletter templates
  • Track Integrations
  • Real-time reports.

Winding it up, a success analytics monitor is always necessary to measure the sales rate and boost rep productivity.

#6 Tableau

An interactive data visualization platform that lets you visualize, scrutinize, and mobilize the decision making by taping into the sales operations. Integrated with various data sources, Tableau lets you sun its data with CRM platforms. Allowing you to derive insights from data, the tool gives the success and failure rates from all departments embedded in various platforms.

Benefits of Tableau :

  • Allows you to highlight and filter data
  • Toggle view with Dashboard commenting
  • Interactive visualizations and has large customer resources
  • Imports and extracts data from various domain

#7 Lemlist

lemlist is the cold email tool perfect for sales, backlink building, recruiting, and similar business processes that use cold emailing. It is similar to some other cold email tools on the market, but it has a couple of very interesting features that no other cold email tool currently available has. Check out these free link building tools to step-up your link building

Why is lemlist great?

lemlist helps you build meaningful relationships with the prospects you send your cold emails to. The app also helps you get better open and reply rates.

To wrap up

These are some of the persuasive tools that aids in increased ROI, boost lead rates, and eliminates repetitive work that your sales department needs in 2021. Grow your business with the right set of tools that improves your department’s overall attainment and make sure you’re the top-performing sales team in your arena.