Working in the sales industry requires multitasking and keeping an eye on many details at once. Since we all want our companies to grow, we seek simple solutions to help us manage all new tasks and produce skyrocketing results. Online businesses in particular need sales tools that can streamline the workflow, boost productivity and give some peace of mind. After all, almost everyone wants to have a life besides their job, and that goes even for salespeople who tend to work nonstop under pressure.

If you want to save time and money, then get to know these 8 sales tools in this article that can help you make the most of your workflow.

How to choose a tool that will suit you perfectly

Choosing the right tool can be a relief not only for you, but also for your team and even for your clients! That’s why you should consider the selection carefully and talk it out with your colleagues. The following points might be helpful to bear in mind if you're thinking about investing in a new tool.

  • Make sure that the tool is right for your needs. Think of your brand’s flaws and compare them to your competitors. Do you struggle with manual tasks? Or do you need to check the customers’ sentiment towards your brand?
  • In sales, customer satisfaction is significant. Are your clients happy with your service? Maybe it’s too slow or not precise enough. Let’s be honest, communication can always be improved. If that’s what you need then look for a tool that will help you keep customer satisfaction as high as possible.
  • Choose an intuitive interface that doesn’t require specific IT knowledge. It’s hard to talk about saving time when most of it is being wasted on looking for the right button to press. Easy onboarding is also crucial, since a tool is effective only when used permanently. Find one that is intuitive enough to implement with your team members. Some tools offer trial versions, which is a convenient way to make sure that it works for you before making a financial investment.
  • Look for an omnichannel solution that will help you with multitasking. Being able to plan your tasks is essential. In the sales industry, you have to think about many channels of information at once, including social media. Support here has to work effectively, as 54% of customers prefer using social media for customer service – and the number is growing. If your platforms need an extra touch, then invest in tools that will help you to fulfill their potential. As a salesperson you shouldn’t be losing sleep over social media planning, which is why you might need to use a content planning device.

After this brief brainstorming session – let’s get started!

Sales tools that will make your hard work pay off


NapoleonCat is a social media management tool.

How does it work for sales?

If you agree with the motto “one for all and all for one” then you’ll love Napoleon Cat. It’s hard to find a more intuitive yet complex tool that can manage multiple social media accounts.

Building a strong sales business online requires close contact with customers and analyzing data constantly. When you provide services to many clients, answering every interaction manually can be incredibly time-consuming. With this tool, you can reply to simple or repetitive questions automatically, which enables you to focus on the real issues.

You can also receive information directly to your email inbox, no matter how many social media accounts you have, so no need to switch through them ever again. By using special features like tags and direct notes, you can also make contact with your team more fluent and keep spam under control.

When it comes to analytics, you can generate automatic reports including the results of social media engagement and a deep examination of your content. This way, you can recognize which posts have the biggest effect on driving a sales increase, which is what matters the most at the end of the day. It’s hard to find a better time-saving tool than this one, isn’t it?

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a tool that automates your entire affiliate program.

How does it work for sales?

If you collaborate with people remotely, it can sometimes be hard to keep your communication simple and clear. Post Affiliate Pro may help you out in managing the cooperation with your affiliate marketers and track their influence on your sales results.

In sales, low-risk marketing gives you a special opportunity to investigate unexploited possibilities. Although referrals can produce outstanding results on a low budget, handling all of the information concerning affiliates can be overwhelming if you find it hard to manually track your partners’ work and give them quick feedback.

This tool is the answer to that problem and will make your worries go away. It’s biggest time saving feature is the ability to track sales generated by your affiliates in one place. They can also see how well their work is going, which gives real transparency to your relations. No more wasting time on answering daily messages that distract you from other problems.

The tool is also a huge relief for international companies, as its acceptance of multiple currencies ensures that borders aren’t boundaries. Fluent communication helps you to avoid misunderstandings and gives more space for having out-of-work conversations, since you will have more free time.


CloudTalk is a piece of smart cloud-based contact center software.

How does it work for sales?

The times of old-fashioned call centres have come to an end. Even though we want quick answers and are transferring more and more of our lives online, we still all seek human relations when it comes to sales.

CloudTalk provides an opportunity to combine automatization with a personal attitude towards your clients. It gives your team an intuitive information search system so that they will never have to waste (theirs and your customers') time on looking for the right order number or a history of interaction. But in terms of customer care, it has even more to offer: its base consists of virtual phone numbers from more than 70 countries.

Features like Power Dialer minimize downtime between calls and automate workflows, which in turn can improve your sales. Also, all of the data that your clients provide you with will be stored in one place, which is a game-changer for up-sell marketing. Is there a better thing for a salesperson than being able to track a customer’s path and have all of the information about their selling preferences in one place?


Harmonizely is a meeting scheduling tool.

How does it work for sales?

Harmonizely streamlines your meeting scheduling flow. Imagine a situation where you don’t have to exchange countless emails or hang on the phone to set up an appropriate time and date. A scheduling tool saves you trouble and a lot of manual work.

Let’s see how it works. You can connect to Harmonizely virtually any online calendar, regardless if it’s a popular solution like Google Calendar or Outlook, or not-so-common Zimbra or another CalDAV. Later, you can set up your availability and meeting types that can be booked, and just send out your Harmonizely link.

Your invitees can choose the preferred time, and the tool will add the meeting to your calendar and send the details automatically. Also, in case you or your clients have to rearrange the meeting, all you need to do is a few clicks. Both parties will be up to date with meeting details.

In short, Harmonizely lets you save time spent on manual meeting scheduling, and keeps track of your plans. You gain more focus and control over your selling process.


Brand24 is a social media and web monitoring tool.

How does it work for sales?

In business, having a good reputation is key to building a strong brand. However, it may seem like an impossible task to keep an eye on every channel that you use your business. People who work in sales aren’t able to manually refresh feeds all the time, yet their potential customers might leave a comment at any moment.

A solution to this problem is Brand24, a simple social media listening tool that can make a huge difference when it comes to building a consistent brand identity. Salespeople know that nothing pays off more than customer satisfaction. With this tool, you can receive notifications and alerts whenever your brand is mentioned online.

What’s so special about it? It can distinguish between positive, negative and even neutral tones of comments, so you can respond in a flash and prevent problematic situations from escalating. This tool also collects information on what people are saying about your company and monitors the market. What’s more, since the competition never sleeps, it can give you notifications on other brands too.


Filecamp is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management tool.

How does it work for sales?

When you trust your sales team and already use a cloud-based system, why should you think about changing it to another? Ask yourself if your storage platform combines the following features, and then make an informed decision.

Keeping in touch with customers requires fast responding. Sometimes they need more information or support, which is exactly what salespeople are there for. Most brands aren’t able to send additional files to their leads, or it can take a lifetime to get a proper photo from your graphic designers.

With Filecamp you can search for the right image within a minute. This tool detects and identifies elements that exist in your photos, and it also allows you to change the file size and convert it. Sometimes smaller images work better because they load faster, and that's precisely the point.

You can use this tool for detecting documents too, such as price lists or brochures, so no more chasing other sales team members to help you find the right file. Even if you haven’t seen a particular document before, it’s still so simple to reach it quickly and easily.


Landingi is a landing page builder to create functional and aesthetic landing pages, pop-ups, and sales funnels.

How does it work for sales?

Your landing page can make it or break it when it comes to your lead generation, and, eventually, sales. That is why preparing an appropriate landing page and working on its optimization is crucial – and concerns also your sales team.

Landingi is easy and intuitive to use – whether you work on your design or optimization. Take a look at the templates they provide and adjust them to your needs. You can also contact with the tool team and get a tailor-made design that covers your particular needs.

You don’t have to be – or hire – a graphic designer to create an efficient landing page.

RocketLink is a URL shortener that allows you to add retargeting pixels to your links.

How does it work for sales?

Last but not least: RocketLink, which is really the icing on the cake. Reaching out to the prospects via email isn’t the simplest task. It needs to be carefully balanced not to annoy them, while still providing valuable information. One of the features that this tool offers is link shortening, performed in a smart way.

Some URL shorteners are open to abuse and emails, where such links are included, tend to be identified as spam. However, RocketLink’s domain isn’t blacklisted, thus it protects your messages from being thrown away. What's more, it allows you to use a custom domain that can help to build trust.

Another option of this tool is adding a chatbox to your links. This shortens the path to a lead and makes it possible to reach the customer in real-time. This form of communication resembles a peer-to-peer conversation rather than a formal exchange of views. When clients can see how helpful and open you are, they are more likely to choose your service. It’s a win-win, since this form of contact is easier for you and quicker for your clients.

Think it out and choose your fighter

Building a strong sales business online requires close contact with customers and analyzing customer data constantly. When you provide services to many clients, answering every interaction manually can be incredibly time-consuming. With this tool, you can reply to simple or repetitive questions automatically, which enables you to focus on the real issues.

Spending money on a new tool might sound a bit like a fad. However, carrying out research and planning carefully to find the tool that works best for you makes it an integral part of a brand’s strategy. In these terms, tools can be considered as more of an investment than a gimmick. Salespeople tend to work on many different things at once, so even a little bit of help could change their work life for the better. And as we all know, a happy worker is usually a hard worker. We hope that these tools will help to satisfy your needs and make your work more efficient.