Have you ever wondered about how many benefits it can give you to manage your own time? If so, maybe you were searching the Internet for some apps to help you with it. That is a good lead because there are so many capabilities to improve your scheduling meetings. The Calendly app is one of them, but are you sure you know everything about it? This. This article will say more about Calendly pricing and why its alternatives may be a real blessing to your business.

Why should you use calendar management apps?

At first, let’s suppose you were looking for some form of help with this issue. The problem is you are not convinced about calendar management apps, and that is wrong.  The answer to the question of why is quite simple. Apps like calendar management can help you and your clients make your communication faster and more intuitive. Everyday tasks are under control in a better way than usually. You increase your productivity as you do not have to keep your head busy remembering appointments by heart. You are just working more efficiently.

What is more, it also helps with planning out future meetings in advance, out of that hassle of back-and-forth emails.

Another advantage is mobility. You can fill in a paper calendar, but what if you forget to take it with you? Calendar management apps are always beside you because nowadays, you and your phone are inseparable.

All that means that calendar management apps are time-saving. You do not need to worry about responsibly scheduling meetings because the app helps you with it. Plus, all the details from your appointment, like location and contacts, are included right in your calendar. Do you remind yourself about an important thing? Take it easy. You can fill in any relevant insights. You can also forget to use several other calendars because one but advanced is enough.

For someone, design is as essential as time-saving, and that is all right too. It is not a problem anymore - many apps have the possibility of changing the app’s appearance. It may help you to set it as you wish. Want to see the schedule as a day-by-day list, or want to see the entire week? Or personalise your calendar even more? The choice belongs to you!

Except that, some apps offer various payment plans that allow you to choose one and suitable plan for your needs. Calendly pricing has something to provide you with too.

Right, but first, we need to say a few words about Calendly and how apps like it work? This app facilitates scheduling and gives some much-needed administrative support. It helps you to manage your schedule. Offers time for a meeting that works with your availability according to all your calendars. It has pretty simple rules. You only have to let the app know about your availability preferences - apps like Calendly will accomplish the rest of the workrest work for you. Then, you share your link with guests, or instead, you embed it on your website. The next move belongs to your visitors - they pick a time and add the event to your calendar. This way is easier, faster, and more intuitive. See any pros?

These are some of the essential advantages of having calendar management apps. But Calendly has something more than scheduling meetings, and it is Calendly pricing - it offers you four different pricing plans. Let’s see what they refer to you.

What should you know about Calendly Pricing?

Calendly Pricing has four plans for you:

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Calendly Basic plan price

Calendly Basic plan is the cheapest because it is the only completely free option in Calendly pricing. You can try a Premium or Pro account free for 14 days only in contrast to the basic plan, which is always free.

Choosing this plan is limited to the most basic features like connecting just one calendar or creating one type of event (you determine an event by the rules you use for certain kinds of meetings like the duration). The plan is enough for users who want to simply schedule some team meetings and not integrate them with other tools. However, the basic plan does not limit the number of events you can prepare. What is more, you can incorporate popular videoconferencing tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or GoToMeeting for free!

Cons of Basic plan:

  • It does not include payments, Salesforce, or ZapierIt
  • It does not include options like invites, reminders
  • It does not include functions for scheduling with large groups
  • It does not have reporting functions like Google analytics integration

Calendly Premium plan

Calendly Premium plan is, as you think, the mid-priced option. This version from Calendly pricing costs the user 8$ per month for the annual payment plan, or 10$ if the user chooses monthly billing.

This offer from Calendly pricing has many benefits. The most important is the pooled availability option - your guests can cooperate with you. If you were worried about the lack of various event types in the Basic plan, the Premium account would help you to create unlimited event types. Moreover, you will also get not one but two calendars or the ability to report if you want to track leads. For multi-person events, this solution will be essential. The Premium plan offers you tools like Zapier but does not include Salesforce or HubSpot. It Will be great for teams that plan to schedule group meetings, but if you want to integrate with more platforms or operate paid events, you need to upgrade your level.

Cons of premium plan:

  • It does not have customisation when you add Calendly to your site
  • It does not include tools like Salesforce, payments
  • It does not redirect automatically when the guest accepts the invite
  • It does not have live chat customer support to accounts under ten users on the account

Calendly Pro plan

Calendly Pro plan is the most comprehensive plan in Calendly pricing. It costs you 12$ per user, per month when you are billing annually, or 15$ for the monthly billing option.

Pro account has support from all the integrations like Salesforce, HubSpot. What is new is the possibility of sending post-meeting notes and follow-up messages also. This solution is helpful for teams that have problems with an organisation or preparing for meetings. This plan also allows you to send automated messages to your guest. Another benefit is full customisation when adding Calendly to your website, SMS notifications, or Google Analytics integration. Big companies that want to use Calendly for significant events and have built-in payment options should use the Pro plan best from Calendly Pricing.

Cons of Pro plan:

  • the highest price
  • It does not have a live chat under ten users on the account

Calendly Enterprise plan

Calendly Enterprise plan is the last option in Calendly pricing. There is no mention of cost, but we can tell you that this plan offers you more than Pro.

This plan admin can use SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) provisioning, security review, and MSA support. If you are an admin, you can organise members into groups and assign group admins to manage people or events without affecting others. Additionally, you have phone support, designated customer success, and individualised onboarding and training.

There are many benefits to the Enterprise plan, but the only question is what you exactly need.

It may turn out that Calendly alternatives work best for you.

What is the best alternative to Calendly?

Now you see how Calendly pricing works, but we have a surprise for you - Calendly is not the only solution. It is high time to try out a different scheduling meeting, like drums, please - Harmonizely!

If you were searching for the perfect scheduling tool, but Calendly pricing made you hesitate to purchase a plan, Harmonizely may accommodate you.

This app lets you schedule meetings in a few clicks by saving time and avoiding unnecessary emails. Thanks to geolocation, Harmonizely automatically detects the language. You can create the look of your scheduling page and email notifications as you wish! With this app, scheduling meetings will be simple both for you and your clients.

To show you why Harmonizely is an ideal alternative, we compare it with Calendly. Harmonizely may be a better solution for you because it has much more benefits than Calendly like:

  • Calendar integrations with CalDAV-based calendars like Zoho, Zimbra, Nextcloud, etc. Most meeting scheduling apps only work with the most popular calendars like Google Calendar, but what with the rest? Harmonizely, on the other hand, is a comprehensive scheduling tool that helps you with this problem so your work may be more productive. Integrate all calendars and rule them all.
  • Custom domain - create a unique branded name that identifies your calendar. If you do this, you will facilitate the relationship between you and your clients as they can book meetings straight into your calendar.
  • A custom email address - that will send email notifications to your customers. Make your address email instead of using the casual one. This possibility will allow you to customise your calendar even more.
  • Multilingual scheduling page - make your calendar more accessible with language selection! The scheduling page is available in different languages. You just have to choose from more than 15!
  • Scheduling page appearance customisation - set like you want it to be. Change the app appearance and personalise settings so you could work better and better!

And that is not all - Harmonizely is changing for you, because soon we will be introducing the group meetings! They are open to any discussion. You can affect by voting, commenting, and suggesting changes. Maybe you will have something to say?

Both apps are similar, but Harmonizely offers you those listed benefits, which Calendly can not. If you do not want to use Calendly pricing, think about a universal alternative like Harmonizely.