We're quite pumped-up about a few new features that will help you generate availability based on multiple calendars, build custom integrations on top of our API and finally accept payments for the booked meetings using WooCommerce plugin.

Connect multiple calendars simultaneously

Connect multiple calendars simultaneously

In Harmonizely you can already connect a single calendar. It can be Google, Outlook, Office365, iCloud, Zimbra, Nextcloud, Fastmail, Zoho, SOGo, Daylite or any CalDAV compatible calendar.

Now, you are able to connect up to three calendars simultaneously! This means you can connect multiple calendars of the same type (e.g. three Google calendars) or calendars of different types (e.g. one Google calendar, one Zimbra calendar, one Outlook calendar).

Harmonizely API

API access - Integrations

You can now build different integrations based on our Harmonizely API.

For instance, you could build a plugin which allows you to generate the single-use links and send it to your invitees once they pay for it. A great example is the WooCommerce plugin for Wordpress (see below).

The API is still in beta phase and we will be adding more endpoints to it.

The Harmonizely Booking Product plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce

Chris, one of our customers, has created a WooCommerce Harmonizely Booking Product plugin for Wordpress. This plugin enables selling access to Harmonizely appointment scheduling and it works based on Harmonizely API.

Kopano Meet integration

Kopano Meet is the secure and open source videoconferencing solution for professionals that can be used on any mobile platform without having to install a separate client application. Its set of functionalities includes high-definition video and audio, one-to-one video calling, group calls and screensharing.

You can even connect your own self-hosted instance to Harmonizely. Learn more on how to enable Kopano Meet integration.

Fixed Facebook OG tags

The OG tags on the booking page were fixed. The preview of your booking page will show properly when sharing it on Facebook.

Russian and Slovenian translations

Thanks to our contributors, your invitees can browse your Harmonizely booking page in Russian and Slovenian (ClickyClimbers).

Added sender and recipient first name merge tags in email reminders

Added {{recipentFirstName}} and {{senderFirstName}} merge tags in email reminders allowing you to display only the first name of the sender and/or recipient.

Daylite calendar integration improvements

For those who use the Daylite calendar, the events with status "show as free" from the Daylite calendar were marked as "busy" in Harmonizely, meaning that events which shouldn't block the availability were doing it in Harmonizely.

Thanks to the super blazingly fast Daylite's team action, the events created with status "show as free" in Daylite calendar, will not block time slots on the Harmonizely booking page anymore.

If you have any questions, contact us at contact@harmonizely.com