Harmonizely is starting the year with a bang as FinancesOnline honors us with two new shiny awards: the 2019 Rising Star Award and the 2019 Premium Usability Award.

FinancesOnline is a premier platform for software reviews offering in-depth insights regarding the SaaS products available on the market. With their guidance on the definition of appointment scheduling and other resources, professionals and businesses are able to determine which software solutions will work well for their operations.

Upon testing Harmonizely to determine what is the best appointment scheduling software on the market, FinancesOnline pointed out how the product’s streamlined interface provides users with a 360-degree view of their appointments. According to them, this allows agile teams to maximize their time and resources. Moreover, they mentioned that the product’s ability to play well with popular calendars and CRM systems make it even more convenient to optimize schedules across their organization.

With a user satisfaction rating of 100%, we were also commended for the affordability of the Harmonizely pricing plans which makes it a great option for businesses looking who want to optimize their operations without having to spend too much money.

If you want to learn more about what the experts at FinancesOnline have to say about Harmonizely, visit their website today and read the full review. Be sure to leave your own user review if we have had the pleasure of doing business with you. We look forward to providing you with even better appointment scheduling solutions this year!

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