Harmonizely is meetings and appointments scheduling tool which enables its users to increase conversion rates, accelerate engagement and save time by automatically scheduling meetings with other people.

It allows to connect different types of calendars, including Google, iCloud, FastMail, NextCloud, any CalDAV compatible calendar.

By connecting your online calendar you are able to show your availability to invitees based on your events defined in that calendar so invitees can choose a free slot and book a meeting with you.

This post describes how to connect your FastMail calendar with Harmonizely.

In order to be able to add meetings to your FastMail calendar you need to connect your FastMail account with Harmonizely via CalDAV protocol.

How to start

  1. First, navigate to your FastMail account and create a new app-specific password.
  2. Make sure that your FastMail app-password can access CalDAV data (it should be enabled by default).
  3. Go to Calendar Integration in Harmonizely.
  4. Click Connect button in CalDAV Calendar section.

5. Fill in your server URL, email address and app password:

  • Server URL: URL of the FastMail CalDAV server (https://caldav.fastmail.com/dav/calendars).
  • Email address: Your full FastMail username, including the domain.
  • Password: Your app password. (What is an app password?). Use a password manager to remember your password if you forget passwords.
Connect FastMail Calendar using CalDAV

6. Click Connect Calendar. Harmonizely will connect your FastMail calendar.

7. That’s it! Your FastMail calendar has now been added to Harmonizely and should synchronize with your FastMail calendar.

Finally, copy your Harmonizely link (in the top right corner) and share it with your invitees so they can see your scheduling page, availability based on your FastMail calendar availability and meeting types configured in Harmonizely.

Scheduling page — available meeting types
Scheduling page — availability

Scheduled, by your invitees, meetings will be automatically added to your FastMail calendar.

Sign up free and start using your FastMail calendar to schedule meetings now.

If you have any questions, you can drop us a message at contact@harmonizely.com.