Today, we released 11 new improvements and features across admin panel and booking pages.

These updates will give you more power and flexibility to configure the way you book meetings.

⏰ 12-hour clock format

We've added 12-hour clock format to Harmonizely admin panel. All the times in admin panel can be displayed in either 24 clock format or 12-hour clock format. You can change your time format in Account Settings.

12h time format

🧾 Pre-populate invitee information on the scheduling page

You can pre-populate the booking page form with invitee information. It's useful when you want to automate this process and automatically pre-populate the details of the invitee who already booked a meeting with you in the past so that they won't have to type it again. Learn more.

Pre-filled booking page 

📝 Added a new rich text editor in Meeting Types

With the new rich text editor, you can change the font size and insert variables/merge tags in a more user-friendly way.

Links created using the new editor inside the description field in Meeting Types will open in a new tab.

📞 Fixed phone number field styling on scheduling page for the Hebrew language

The CSS styles have been fixed for the Phone Number field on the booking page when the Hebrew language is used since it didn't follow the RTL.

📱 Improved booking page appearance on mobile

The mobile UI on the booking page has been tweaked so that the description of the Meeting Type is displayed under the date and time instead of the right column next to the date & time.

Booking page

It's easier now to copy the booking page link from the mobile version of the admin panel. The copy option has been added.

Copy booking page link
Copy booking page link

🔗 Added an option to copy the URL of the Meeting Type

You can easily copy and share the link to the Meeting Types directly from Meeting Types page.

Copy Meeting Type link
Copy Meeting Type link

📅 Include the weekday in the dates in email notifications.

The weekday has been added to the date format in all email notifications. The format is, e.g. Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM.

If you have a custom domain connected, rescheduling, cancellation & single-use links will be under the custom domain, instead of domain.


  • Fixed Internet Explorer 11 glitches.
  • Fixed issue with success message toast on appearance page not showing up correctly in Firefox browser.