We’re always happy to let you know when Harmonizely is used as a new integration feature in an external service. This time, the good news comes from Smith.ai. From the variety of  scheduling tools, they chose to connect with our service.

What is Smith.ai?

If you need a receptionist service to take care of your calls and live chats, yet you don’t want to hire a person to do just that, Smith.ai will solve your problem. It is a digital receptionist service that manages contact with your leads, new clients, and betters existing relationships.

This solution is especially useful for solopreneurs or small businesses. If you’re busy with meetings, yet you’re afraid of missing some potential leads, a virtual receptionist may help you out and answer all your calls in a professional way.

Smith.ai can also manage your outbound calls, react to the received web forms, or remind your clients about the meetings. To top it all off, it can answer your text messages too!

How does the integration work?

The integration with Harmonizely simplifies the process of booking a meeting and letting you know about it. Instead of sharing the access to your calendar with the receptionist responsible for your calls or letting them know on-the-go if the date is suitable for you, you can manage it all via a simple link. Sharing a Harmonizely link to your calendar will let the Smith.ai receptionists book appointments while they are connected with anyone contacting you. No matter if it is a call with your new lead or a chat with a current client, they will be able to schedule a meeting with you in a moment.

Let’s shed some light on how Smith.ai takes care of your callers:

If the call you get comes from a potential new lead, their receptionists will qualify it to find out if it is valuable for your business, and then set up a consultation meeting on your calendar. Thanks to the speed of the booking process, you may get better conversion rates and reduce the time spent following up with the potential leads.

When the call or chat comes from your existing client, the receptionists can set up one of the various meeting types that you create in Harmonizely. Depending on your business, they will schedule an appropriate meeting. Your customers will appreciate how fast and simple is the scheduling process.

As you can see, Harmonizely can be used as a meeting scheduling tool even by a company that offers a scheduling process outsourcing. By optimizing the flow, you can deliver higher value for your clients, and generate more revenue.