Productivity is no longer a buzzword, not a trend either.

It is a standard and must-have if you want to deliver great work, and if you don’t work on it, you can be covered by tasks quite easily.

Knowing some great productivity tips for work is not enough, though - you need to find out how to implement them and make the most of them on a daily basis.

While productivity-boosting tips can inspire you to work smart, not hard, you probably would do with some support.

This is where tools step up - and today, we are going to get you through ten tools that can boost your productivity in the year 2020.

Conduct (only) effective meetings

Do you want to easy and quick schedule meeting and invite participants without the risk of misunderstanding or missing?

Calendar productivity tips are just for you, and you can easily apply them within Harmonizely.

Harmonizely is an appointment scheduling tool that helps you keep your meetings on track. Just add a date to a calendar, invite other members and voila -  the unique link to the meeting is generated.

It’s intuitive, it’s quick, it’s a game-changer.

What is more, it easily integrates with various calendars.

All meetings are planned much efficient and in a more efficient way.

Share contacts efficiently

We are sharing tons of things and data with others, but how to share contacts with other people if the native features of GSuite do not allow you to do so?

There is a way of making it easier for the whole team. Shared Contacts for Gmail is a light plugin that can help you share address books on GSuite within your organization.

If implemented in the right way, it can transform the way you work and even replace CRM in some cases.

Gmail productivity tips have never been easier to implement.

Customer service taken to the next level

According to some e-commerce trends for 2020, chatbots will play a major role in customer service and e-commerce support.

Clients and potential customers simply require more, quicker, better, more effective, more beneficial.

Providing them with seamless customer support is not a choice in 2020, it is a must.

This is why you should consider investing in tools like Chatbotize that can help you keep an eye on customer experience.

With Chatbotize, you can make the most of several templates and plugins to build your own chatbot and embed it within Messenger or on your website.

It does save time, but without compromising quality and even increases the number of satisfied customers in less time.

Also, check the solid list of best e-commerce platforms to help you find the right tools.

Make your calls a breeze

Sales productivity tips are always warmly welcomed!

Talking about customers’ experiences, let’s move on to the upper stage of interpersonal relations - a phone conversation.

Not every single client loves it, but if it occurs, they prefer to keep it short and sweet instead of spending hours on a call.

Call center agents or those working in the sales departments or customer service teams cannot spend hours on calls either.

This is where the solution like CloudTalk seems to be a blessing, for both sides.

With CloudTalk, you can manage, record and analyse inbound and outbound calls. Other features of this smart tool include several integrations or Open API, so you can really benefit from implementing this smart call center management software.

Improve internal communication

Team productivity tips are on the rise for many.

What is the most important domain of efficient cooperation and keep a harmonious and productive team?

For sure it would be clear communication and great organization of tasks.

Luckily, there is a solution, which helps not only in internal or external communication, but also in sharing files, assigning tasks or planning events.

We are talking about Stackfield here. Stackfield makes the communication a breeze even for large teams.

You don’t have to be afraid of talking about crucial issues - everything is well-secured, data details are encrypted by the browser on Stackfield servers.

Everyone and everything is organized and collected in one place - it sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

Analyze your website like a pro

What does UX have to do with productivity?

Well, if your customer experience is full of flaws then you can spend long hours on trying to identify some bottlenecks - what is more, you may not find any solutions anyway.

This is why it is always a good idea to analyse your users behaviour on a selected website, and this is what LiveSession can help you with.

Not only does it help you follow each and every step of your website visitors, but also replay those sessions in order to make some conclusions.

No matter if you struggle with lack of conversion, abandoned shopping carts or just a bounce rate that bothers you, qualitative analysis can help you solve some problems you never knew you always had.

Automate graphic design

How to make the most of your content while staying productive?

Create a bunch of infographics and distribute them accordingly on social media or via content aggregators.

Making some graphic designs from scratch can be time-consuming and just really tedious, so you should get interested in some tools that can help you… a bit.

Venngage is one of them. You can create charts, social media visuals, longer infographics or even presentations - to amaze your audience or… stakeholders.

No more tricky programmes, expensive licences and wasting hours on choosing a perfect font for your Thanksgiving Facebook post.

Make the most of remarketing

How can RocketLink affect your productivity?

Well, imagine if there is a tool that can create custom audiences out of the people who clicked in one link who redirected to some external content.

Sounds like a marketer’s dream? With RocketLink, it comes true.

If you are looking for a smart link shortener that can also support your remarketing efforts, this one is for you.

Take care of efficient social media management

You can spend long days on planning your social media content, however, are you sure that you have time for it? Well, we neither.

That is why you need a reliable solution for social media management if you are in charge of many profiles.

If you want to save some time on social media operational tasks and deliver better quality of your social media services, Kontentino is a match made in heaven.

With this tool, you can automate many of the tedious tasks that each social media manager is responsible for.

Not only can you manage social media scheduling, but also gather inspirations in intuitive calendars.

What is more, it supports collaboration and social media workflow - both with your clients who can approve content and give feedback directly on the platform, but also with your team who can discuss content and possible changes in real time.

You can also generate social media reports using this tool.

Appreciate some quick wins

There are a lot of other small things that you can do with tools, and thanks to them.

With Better Proposals, you can create an appealing proposals for your clients and send it further to win some more business.

With Clockify, you can track time spent on a particular task.

With Reevio, you can create short videos to please your audience - in seconds.

And with Time Doctor, you can track your and your team's work hours and team’s productivity in no time!

To wrap-up

Once you start working on your productivity, you can get addicted to organizing your work in  a brand new way - and looking for even more reasons and ways of optimizing your task management.

You probably could do it all yourself, but automating some processes with tools and applications seems to be simply easier.

It is addictive, but rewarding - you can soon find out that you’ve saved a lot of time on some manual tasks, and you can focus on the business core now.

What are you waiting for?

Start today and spread the wings of your productivity testing out the tools we mentioned, recommended and linked to.

The results can really surprise you.