We are improving for you all the time. Here are a few handy improvements we’ve recently released.

Reorder and edit custom questions

It's possible to edit and reorder custom questions in the Meeting Types, yay!

Thanks to this improvement you can ask your invitees custom questions in the order you like.

Reorder meeting types

If you haven't seen yet you can rearrange the order of Meeting Types.

Meeting Types re-ordering

Change the color of the welcome message

A new setting called "Welcome message text color" is available now. The color of the welcome message text can change regardless of the username text color.

Affiliate program

Our affiliate program is now live. You can share our software with others and earn a fair commission.

You can join our partners program here https://harmonizely.firstpromoter.com/

Harmonizely Affiliate Program https://harmonizely.firstpromoter.com/

"Remember me" functionality improvements

We fixed the "remember me" functionality on the login screen. By default, the new sessions will last for 30 days unless you decide to log out yourself.

User roles

In the Organization management, you can change teammates roles once they are invited to the organization. By default, all invited users are assigned a "Member" role. The new "Manager" role has been added. Teammates with this role will hidden from the organization booking page. Learn more.

User roles

Improved UI of the modals in the admin panel

We unified the UI of all modals/popups across admin panel.

Custom appearance on the cancellation page

The appearance changes are visible on the cancellation page now. The look and feel of the cancellation page are the same as the appearance of the scheduling page.

If you have any questions, contact us at contact@harmonizely.com